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USO Orders and Circulars
30-39-2009-USOF-D2226-2245 dt. 13.2.2009 Feedback regarding implementation of the Mobile Infrastructure Scheme Phase I
30-39-2009-USOF-Instructions dated 05-02-2009 regarding date of commissioning of mobile Infrastructure tower.
30-39-2009-USOF-Instructions-D2129-2150 dated 06-02-2009 regarding Minutes of USOF-HQ Meeting held on 16-01-2009.
30-39-2009-USOF-Instructions-D2596 to 2617 dt. 17.3.2009 reg. Minutes of the USOF HQ meeting held on 25.2.2009
Asking for VPT data for Sampling (Inspection Committee)
BB- Clarification and meeting
CCAs reg not to corrspnd_directly vd Tech Br
clarification reg BB
Clarification to CCA reg BB Claims
0-38-2008-USOF-J&K-D2451-2494 dated 2.3.2009reg. Belated subsidy claims submitted by Ips-USPs of Mobile Infrastrucuture Scheme without condonation of delay
1-1-2008-USF-965-986 dt. 10-8-2008 Timely Settlement of USO Claims
1-1-2008-USF dt._29.10.2008 Timely settlement of USO subsidy claims of Assam
1-7-08-USOF_dt.6.8.09 revision of representative rates
30-38-2008-USF-Inspection Report-D2495 to 2516 dated 2.3.2009 reg. Inspection of infrastructure sites of Mobile Phase I.

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